Interventional Pain Management

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          WYNNDEL T. BUENGER, M.D.

                                THOMAS B. BRUMMETT, M.D.

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About Us

Piasa Pain Center was opened in May of 2006 with the desire to improve the lives of those suffering with chronic pain. Chronic pain is pain that lasts past the expected healing time of an injury or illness. Our patients receive treatment for a variety of chronic pain, including but not limited to:

  • Post-surgical pain
  • Failed back surgery
  • Pinched nerves
  • Neck, shoulder, back, arm pain
  • Muscle pain/spasms
  • Herniated/bulged/ruptured discs
  • Cancer pain
  • Radiating leg pain
  • Diabetic neuropathy (nerve pain)

We provide a full range of treatments, from conservative therapy to interventional procedures. On the “Procedures” page, you will find information on some of the procedures we perform at our pain center. The list is always growing as our doctors continually expand their expertise. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We see patients by referral only and we accept most insurance’s. If you feel we can help you, please contact your physician for a referral to our center. Once we have the referral, our commitment begins to help relieve your pain.

Our goal is to meet your needs. To help us accomplish that, in addition to Dr. Brummett and Dr. Buenger, we have a dedicated staff of 8 Nurses, 2 Administrative Assistants, 2 Radiological Technicians, and an Office Manager. We also have the luxury of a full service Imaging Center right next door.

PLEASE CONTACT US AT: (618) 465-7177  FAX: (618) 465-7176